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Axe and Arrow

Our Brewhouse

There are few things more gratifying than the existential pleasure of good design. At the intersection of efficiency, simplicity, quality, and elegance lives good design. This is what drives us in our beer design and our brewery processes and it is also a guiding principle we used in the selection of our brewhouse and fermenters. In fact with the gear we use, those aren't separate pieces of equipment. The Brewha BIAC (Brew In A Conical) system is designed such that the mash tun, brewhouse and fermenter are the same piece of equipment.

Each conical is made from high quality stainless steel, is jacketed, has dedicated electric heating elements, is designed to hold 15 PSI of pressure and utilizes the industry standard tri-clamp connector system for attachments. This means that each individual unit has the capability to raise water to a boil, chill to near freezing, and finely control conditions in-between. In combination with the mash colander system, where the grain is removed from the wort instead of wort being moved from one vessel to the next, we can go from raw ingredients to finished, ready to serve beer in one unit. This design reduces energy utilization, water consumption, cleaning and sanitation chemical usage, and allows for the use of energy from renewable sources.

Our six Brewha conicals are in constant rotation from lagers to ales and never empty to ensure that we can serve up what you are looking for.

Bottomline, this means a cleaner, greener, higher quality beer for you to enjoy.

Check back to see what's on tap, what's in the ferms and what's on deck in the brewhouse.

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